Important Documents

The documents below should provide most of the information and forms necessary for submitting samples.  Please feel free to contact us if you have questions not covered below.


Submission Forms

All samples that come into RTL Genomics need to be accompanied by a Sample Submission Form.  The most important parts of this form are the Contact Information, the Sample Labels and the Sample Names.  Our database system uses these forms to load sample names into the system so we need a paper copy sent with the sample shipment and an electronic copy sent via email (in excel format).  If you know the assay or have a quote, that information can also be included on the form, however if you don't know that information we will contact you once the samples are received.  There are three different forms, amplicon sequencing, shotgun library sequencing, and PacBio.  Be sure to use the right form.  If you have questions about the form, please check our FAQ page or contact us.

Sample SUbmission form (Amplicon)


Library SUbmission form


Pacbio Submission Form


Other Useful Documents

Sample Submission guidelines

If this is the first time to submit samples to RTL Genomics (or you just need some information), these guidelines will help you safely prepare and ship your samples.  Improper packaging is one of the biggest causes of sample loss/damage we see.  These guidelines cover packaging samples, appropriate shipping containers, shipping providers, and other important considerations.  If you have additional questions, please see our FAQ page or contact us.


Instructions for Shipping Material from Outside the Unites States

Shipping samples into the United States may seem like an intimidating thing to do.  We have put together a set of instructions that help make that process smoother.  In addition, most people who follow these instructions have not problems sending samples to us.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions or need more information.  We also have an FAQ page that can answer many questions.


RTLGenomics Assay LIst

We have an extensive list of assays for sequencing on the MiSeq and PGM.  Our most popular assays are included in our Assay List.  This list is not exhaustive and even if we don't currently have an assay you are interested in, we can usually order new primers at no cost to the client (some exceptions do apply).  If you are interested in a particular assay please be sure to send us the sequences of the primers.  For many assays (especially commonly used regions) there may be multiple primers with different sequences that use the same name.  It is always best to confirm the sequence before your project is started.


Soil Samples

Any soil sample coming in to the United States from outside the country must be accompanied by a USDA Soil Import Permit. RTL Genomics is an approved permittee with the USDA.  Please contact us for more information if you are planning to import soil or similar environmental samples.


Data Analysis Methodology

For an indepth discussion of our Data Analysis please refer to this documentation.