Let us help you get your sample ready for genomic analysis. We are well equipped to process your sample, whether you need DNA/RNA extraction, library preparation, PCR, or qPCR.


Library Preparation

Getting the best sequencing results requires high quality input libraries. RTL Genomics is experienced in a variety of library preparation techniques. Good libraries do require quality input material and some library preparations are more forgiving than others. For example, for amplicon library preparation the quality of the DNA only has to be good enough for amplification, whereas for BioNano mapping, the library preparation requires extremely high quality input DNA. 



RTL Genomics handles samples from a variety of sources on a daily basis. In addition, our different sequencing technologies and approaches sometimes require specific techniques (e.g. to remove host DNA, gather very long fragment lengths, or to deal with inhibitory substances).



Although our PCR capability is fully functional, our primary uses of this technology is preparing amplicon libraries for sequencing and running real time quantitative PCR.